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CeCe’s Place is committed to care, compassion, and respect. We see mothers as more than just the babies they carry and seek to empower them to make the decisions that are best for their health, families, and futures. From pregnancy confirmation all the way through and beyond delivery, our services are personalized to clients’ needs, and we always put our clients’ values first.

Confirmation of pregnancy

You do not have to go through your pregnancy alone, and the compassionate professionals at CeCe’s Place can help you obtain the resources and care you need. We are open every Monday, with no appointment necessary, and provide pregnancy testing free of charge.

Prenatal care

Regular prenatal care can help reduce the risk of complications throughout pregnancy and during childbirth. CeCe’s Place offers women’s health exams and routine pregnancy appointments for women in all stages of their pregnancy, and services are private and confidential.

Counseling & education

Becoming a parent can be an incredible gift, but unfortunately, we are not born with the knowledge necessary to successfully raise and care for a child. Hope Cottage offers counseling and educational support, as well as resources to help you build healthy family relationships every step of the way.

About CeCe’s Place

As stated in their mission, CeCe’s Place offers a full spectrum of maternal health care and supportive services so women and their babies can thrive. We envision a world where all women get the healthcare they need in a respectful, empowering environment. We want a world where mothers feel seen and heard, are partners in their babies’ care, and live healthy, happy lives.

Hope Cottage professionals provide a safe space and supportive wraparound services to nurture loving families and relationships that communities are built on.

Women’s Health providers from HHM Health provide a comprehensive range of obstetric and gynecological care that is tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

Hope Cottage

Founded as a children’s home more than 100 years ago, Hope Cottage is a nonprofit organization that nurtures the strong families and relationships that communities are built on. Carol always championed Hope Cottage and its work through board involvement, and throughout her life, embodied its spirit in everything she did.

CeCe’s Place

Seeking to address disparities in women’s health, CeCe’s Place offers a full spectrum of maternal health care and supportive services so women and their babies can thrive.

HHM Health

HHM Health strives to deliver compassionate, accessible, and high-quality medical care to the Dallas community. HHM Women’s health providers understand that every woman’s health journey is different, and as such, provides care tailored to each patient’s specific needs.


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