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It can be difficult at times to anticipate what you need to know before your maternal health visit, and as such, scheduling your first appointment can feel quite daunting. With no appointment needed and a staff that meets you where you are, there is no need to worry. CeCe’s Place is committed to ensuring pharmacy and medical services are accessible to all people regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Seeking quality maternal medical care does not have to be a complicated process, and our staff strive to make care more accessible for our patients. When you are ready to be seen at CeCe’s Place, simply call ahead or arrive at our Dallas location in the Hope Cottage building at 609 Texas Street. We are open 8:30 am-3:00 pm on Mondays, and no appointment is needed.

HHM Health accepts a variety of health plans, including Medicaid, Medicare, and private health plans. We are committed to ensuring healthcare remains affordable regardless of citizenship or financial status and offer a sliding fee discount for patients who are uninsured and meet certain federal poverty guidelines. If you need help paying for maternal medical care, speak to a member of our team today to learn your options. Hope Cottage does not charge for any supportive services. All education, referrals to community resources options, counseling, diapers, and other items are provided at no cost.

Please bring your photo ID, insurance card if applicable, and any notes you have gathered during your pregnancy. For example, it is helpful for the practitioners if you can provide the date of your last menstrual period, physical and mental health history, and any medications you currently take.

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We strive for a world where mothers can receive the healthcare they need in an accessible and effective way, and our staff is dedicated to providing each patient with such care. Contact CeCe’s Place in Dallas, TX at (214) 970-3335 to access care, refer a client, or speak with our team.

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