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A Continuum of Maternal Medical Care

Concerns about pregnancy and motherhood do not cease once a child is born or reaches a certain age, and as such, your maternal medical care should not cease once you exit a specific stage of the process. Hope Cottage and HHM Health have partnered to offer comprehensive medical services for pregnant and expectant mothers through CeCe’s Place: A Maternal Medical Clinic.

Embracing state-of-the-art technology, CeCe’s Place focuses on health, wellness, and personalized support. With a qualified, compassionate staff from HHM Health to help women obtain accessible maternal healthcare and social workers to connect clients to Hope Cottage’s internal support services and community resources, CeCe’s Place provides a full continuum of services, including:


Confirming your pregnancy and establishing care is a crucial first step toward a healthy pregnancy. CeCe’s Place offers free pregnancy testing and counseling on next steps in a supportive, safe, and confidential environment.


Regular prenatal care can help reduce the risk of complications throughout pregnancy and during childbirth. CeCe’s Place offers women’s health exams and routine pregnancy appointments for women in all stages of pregnancy, and services are private and confidential.

& Education

There are many factors to consider when expecting, making comprehensive healthcare and support an essential part of your pregnancy journey. CeCe’s Place offers comprehensive treatment throughout a mother’s pregnancy to prioritize what is best for both the mom and the baby. Our support includes connecting mothers to prenatal care, materials assistance, Medicaid signup, and much more.

Medical Services include:

  • Free pregnancy screenings
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care
  • Cervical cancer screenings
  • STI testing and treatment
  • And more

Support Services include:

  • Personalized schedulers
  • Bilingual support
  • Medicaid enrollment assistance
  • Parenting classes
  • Diapers and other baby items
  • Connection to community resources
  • And more

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Whether you need pregnancy confirmation services or are looking to learn about your adoption and parenting options, CeCe’s Place staff meet you where you are to provide quality, accessible care. To learn more about the various maternal health services we offer, contact CeCe’s Place in Dallas, TX by calling (214) 970-3335 today.

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