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Our Focus Is On Maternal Health

maternal health dallas tx

When you are pregnant, you cannot do it all yourself. You rely on the support system around you, and that includes not only your friends and family, but a quality local healthcare team. Not everyone in our community has access to prenatal and postnatal care, however, leaving some women without the medical treatment and imaging that they need. Our goal is to address this issue head on through by providing Dallas-area women essential pre- and post-natal maternal health care, counseling and more.

At our maternal health clinic in Deep Ellum, CeCe’s Place is here for Metroplex women experiencing pregnancy. From the very first step in pregnancy confirmation through to delivery at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and beyond, we are dedicated to providing quality care. Those milestone visits are a pivotal part of your journey, and they help to keep both you and your child safe during pregnancy. If you want to talk about your next steps in a supportive and welcoming environment, stop by our clinic on Mondays from 8:30am-3:00pm!

CeCe’s Place Is A Welcoming Place For Dallas Women

Discovering that you are pregnant is a momentous occasion, and it can also be a scary experience. Having the right support system in place can be a huge help, and that includes access to local medical professionals to guide them through their journey. For some people in our community, this is a serious struggle, and our goal is to provide a helping hand for these people.

If you think that you might be pregnant, stop by our clinic in East Dallas to learn more. We can help point you in the right direction if you receive a pregnancy confirmation, including assistance with signing up for Medicaid. CeCe’s Place offers comprehensive support, and that means helping you to have the information that you need.

Focusing On Maternal Health In Partnership With HHM Health

Milestone prenatal visits are an integral part of your path to parenthood, and our maternal health clinic aims to make pre- and postnatal care more accessible for women in need. These appointments are an invaluable health resource, and we recognize that Dallas women are left without access to a quality provider.

From women’s health exams to the administering of important vaccines, CeCe’s place is dedicated to helping women in all stages of their pregnancy. All our services are private and confidential, as well, so you can feel safe with our team.

Visit Us At CeCe’s Place In East Dallas

If you think that you might be pregnant, learn about your next steps in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. To find out more about Cece’s Place in Dallas, TX, speak with us at (214) 970-3335. Or stop by our clinic on Mondays, no appointment needed, from 8:30am-3:00pm at:

609 Texas Street

Dallas, Texas 75204