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CeCe’s Place Provides Comprehensive Support

comprehensive support dallas tx

When you are pregnant, having the right support helps throughout the entire experience. You need to have quality healthcare for prenatal care, and milestone visits are a very important part of your pregnancy. But your needs do not start and stop with your physical health. Our team understands that comprehensive support includes counseling and education resources that many in our community struggle to access.

If you think that you might be pregnant, stop by our clinic at CeCe’s Place in Old East Dallas. Our team offers medical prenatal care and other support for women, and we would love to meet you. We are open on Mondays from 8:30am-3:00pm, with no appointment necessary. You can speak with a trained medical professional about your pregnancy, and a bilingual social worker about your other needs.  Our team is dedicated to being a supportive and non-judgmental resource for you at every step along the way. Find out more about our maternal care medical clinic with a phone call or come see us on Monday!

When You Need A Hand During Pregnancy, We Are Here

We understand that finding out that you are going to have a child, even when it is planned, is a life-changing event. If you have been surprised by your pregnancy, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Finding the right mental and emotional tools to navigate important decisions after a positive pregnancy test can be difficult (or downright inaccessible) for many members of our community, and CeCe’s Place is proud to be a supportive place for pregnant women when they need us.

Comprehensive support depends on the individual’s needs. Our team can work alongside you to identify gaps in your pregnancy plan and help you to have the resources you need for  proper support.

Our Team Provides Quality Counseling And Education

When you discover that you are pregnant, you may have questions about what comes next. Our team is here to guide you through your pregnancy, from your initial confirmation through to delivery and beyond. One-on-one counseling can be a lifeline for many women, so if you need help, we can help you find answers to your questions.

Another pillar of our comprehensive support system is education. We provide resources to help you to know your options at every step of the way, from information on pregnancy itself to how to become a caring parent.

Find Comprehensive Support During Pregnancy At CeCe’s Place

Our clinic is proud to be here for pregnant women in North Texas. To find out more about us, speak with a member of our team at CeCe’s Place in Dallas, TX at (214) 970-3335. Or stop by our clinic, with no appointment needed, on Mondays from 8:30am-3:00pm at:

609 Texas Street

Dallas, Texas 75204