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CeCe’s Place Is Here For Our Community

pregnancy services dallas tx

Since 1918, Hope Cottage has been dedicated to increasing accessibility of care for new families. When we discovered that 75% of mothers in our programs had no access to the prenatal resources and care that they needed, we knew that we had to step up. That’s why we decided that we were going to make a positive move to aid pregnant women through pregnancy and beyond.

Here at CeCe’s Place in Dallas, TX, we provide a full spectrum of maternal healthcare to help address the disparities in women’s health. Through a partnership with HHM Health, our team is dedicated to helping women to receive the care that they need. From pregnancy confirmation through to delivery and beyond, our team offers comprehensive medical services for pregnant people in DFW, including prenatal screenings, Medicaid services, and more.

Pregnancy Confirmation

Learning that you are pregnant for the first time is a life-changing experience, and if you do not have the right support from your family and social groups, it can make an overwhelming situation even more complicated. We want to help you to have the resources you need to have a successful pregnancy, starting from the moment of confirmation.

If you think that you might be pregnant, Cece’s Place offers free pregnancy tests to all patients at our Dallas location. We can also help you to understand Medicaid eligibility requirements and assist with signup after your confirmation of pregnancy. Our team is here for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond, so if you feel lost, call or text our pregnancy help line at any time at (469) 418-4518.

Prenatal Care

Increasing prenatal care can help pregnant women in our state to see better outcomes for both the child and the parent. Unfortunately, for many, these services are out of reach when they really need them.

Last year, Texas ranked 49th out of our 50 states in women’s health, and dead last in access and affordability. This makes having a child in our state tragically dangerous for the most vulnerable members of our community. Through prenatal visits, screening, and more, we are on a mission to be a trusted place for women in need of help through pregnancy.

Find Compassionate Maternal Care At Cece’s Place

At CeCe’s Place, we know the importance of prenatal care, and we also understand the barriers for expecting mothers. If you need a guiding hand through pregnancy, talk to our team at (214) 970-3335 or stop by our clinic on Mondays from 8:30am-3:00pm at:

609 Texas Street

Dallas, Texas 75204