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Focusing On Improving Maternal Health

maternal health dallas tx

Texas is seeing an alarming rise in maternal and fetal mortality, and lack of access to care is one of the key reasons that these numbers have been increasing. Data shows that those in more vulnerable communities are at a higher risk of negative outcomes during or soon after childbirth. The simple truth is that for many in Dallas, pregnancy is more dangerous than it should be.

We understand the importance of quality maternal health care, and so we saw the need for CeCe’s Place in our community in Dallas, TX. In partnership with HHM Health, we provide low-cost services to women during pregnancy and beyond in order to help pregnant people access the care that they need. Our mission is to be a welcoming and supportive medical home for those in need of prenatal and postnatal healthcare, a place free of judgment. Stop by our clinic within Hope Cottage on Mondays between 8:30am-3:00pm or give us a call to learn more!

Texas Maternal Health Is In Crisis

For many in our community, finding and accessing the prenatal services that they need is not a simple task. Our state ranks 49th in maternal health outcomes, and for people of color, the risk involved with pregnancy is significantly greater. Minority and underserved populations simply do not have the resources that they need here in Dallas, and this is more than just a minor concern; lives are at risk, and as a community, we need to take steps to make pregnancy safer for all women.

When Hope Cottage discovered that 75% of our pregnant clients were without access to the maternal care that they needed, we knew that we had to get involved. Systemic gaps to medical care for expectant women were too deep to ignore, and so through a partnership with HHM Health, CeCe’s Place was born.

Providing Low-Cost Prenatal Care For Dallas Women

Creating an environment where women can thrive during pregnancy starts with a focus on maternal health. From an initial pregnancy confirmation through medical appointments to delivery and beyond, our team is here to help women who struggle with access to prenatal and postnatal care.

We know that one pregnancy test can change your whole life, and we are here for you through care and support services for expectant mothers. Our team also has a variety of ways that we help beyond medical care, including Medicaid enrollment assistance. Navigating signup can be confusing and overwhelming, and we can help you understand your options.

Find Affordable Prenatal Care At CeCe’s Place

Struggling with access to prenatal care due to cost? Speak with our team at CeCe’s Place in Dallas, TX at (214) 970-3335 to learn more about us, or stop by our clinic on Mondays from 8:30am-3:00pm at:

609 Texas Street

Dallas, Texas 75204